One of our special moments was winning the Kem Memorial Sweeps in 1995 with Ch Vennessee's Chatham Thriller. 

The judge is Barb Zimmerman with Bertha Garrison handling.

 Ch Vennessee's Chatham Thriller winning 2nd place at CCofA 1995.  Bertha Garrison handling.

 Ch Vennessee's Chatham Thriller winning Winners Dog under judge Chip Atkins,

 at Illiana Collie Fanciers Specialty in 1995.  Bertha Garrison Handling.

Ch Chatham's Prospector winning 1st place 12-18 class at CCof A in 1999.  Bertha Garrison handling.

 Ch Chatham's Prospector winning WD & BW for 5 points and a Loving Cup under judge Shelley Roos at the

Illiana Collie Fanciers Specialty in 1999.   Bertha Garrison handling.

 Chatham's Obsession In Black winning 4th place Open Tri at CCofA 2000.  Bertha Garrison handling.

 Ch Chatham's Proper Perspective winning 4th 6-9 S&W at CCofA 2000 under judge Helga Kane.  Bertha Garrison handling.

 Ch Chatham's High Intensity winning WB/BW and a Loving Cup under

 judge Mary Sadler for 5 points at the Central States Collie Club in 2002.  Owner handled.

 Chatham's High Resolution placing 2nd Open Blue at CCofA 2003.  Handled by Lynda Cox 

 Chatham's Silver Obsession placing 3rd 9-12 AOC at CCofA 2004 handled by Lynda Cox.

 Chatham Wych Thorn Of A Rose placing 4th 6-9 AOC at CCof A 2004.  Lynda Cox handling.

 Ch Chatham Wych Chiseled In Gold placing 2nd 6-9 S&W at CCofA 2004 under judge Pati Merrill.  Lynda Cox handling.

 Chatham's Obsession In Gold placing 2nd 9-12 S&W CCofA 2005.  Handled by Paul Copobianca

 Ch Chatham Wych Chiseled In Gold winning WD under judge Mary Benjamin in 2006 at Chicago Collie Club.

 The thrill of a lifetime!!! Chatham's Thief Of Hearts winning WD at CCofA 2007 under judge Carol Fabeck.

  From the 6-9 S&W class at just a few days past 6 months old.  Steve Barger handling.


Ch Chatham's August Rush " Uno"  takes WD/BW for 5 Pts under Judge Joe Koehler at the 2009 Midwest  Collie Club Specialty. 

 Amanda Rychter handling.

The next day Uno wins WD/BW for 5 Pts under Judge Sue Fabeck at the Greater Brighton Collie Club Specialty

to finish his Championship.  Amanda Rychter handling.

Ch Chatham's August Rush  pictured winning BOS To Breed at Indiana Collie Club 2009

 under Judge Barbara Ridgway.  Still a 9 month old puppy.


Chatham's Hugs And Kisses placing 2nd 6-9 AOAC class at the CCA 2011, her very first show at just barely 6 months old.  Debbie Holland Handling



Chatham's Cold Steel On Ice winning a 3 point major under Judge Jim Frederiksen at Central States Collie Club at 6 months, 3 days old. 


The following week Chatham Cold Steel On Ice wins a 4 point major under Judge Meredith Hector at Illiana Collie Fanciers.  Amada Maravilla Handling.

Chatham's Sparkles On Snow winning a major under Judge Linda Robey.  Handled by Debbie Holland and Mary Landis

Chatham's The Powder Blue Playboy winning a 4 point specialty major at Chicago Collie Club 2018 under Judge Lora Lee Runnels.  Lis De Sousa Handling.

Chatham's The Powder Blue Playboy winning 4th place at CCA 2018 under Judge Joe Reno.  Lis De Sousa handling


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