Chatham's Powder Blue Playboy

Powder has been leased to Doro & Marc Stutzel in Germany

"Powder"  is White Factored, MDR1 Normal/Normal and Normal Eyed.  He is specialty major pointed at 11 months old.  He excels in length and leanness of head, backskull and lovely correct color and texture of coat.  



Chathams The Powder Blue Playboy
Vennessees A Gift From The Past Ch Vennessees Midnight Express ROM Ch Furys The Spirit Of Legends ROM Ch Executives The Equalizer  
Ch Executives-N-Furys Blue-N-gold  
Vennessees Etched In Blue Ch Twin Creeks Grand Master  
Westwends Headline In Blue  
Ch Riverruns Lions Pride ROM Ch Riverruns Lionheart Ch Fleur de Lis Secret Weapon  
Ch Riverrun Lion Song  
Mainstay Back Of The Moon Ch Wyndlair Momentum  
Overland Adore  
Chathams Shadows On Snow
Ch Wyndlair Point Given Wyndlair Avalanche Ch Southlands Beyond The Glory  
Ch Twin City Wyndlair Anthem  
Ch Twin City Cleopatra Ch Barksdale Lochlaren Laision  
Ch Twin City Breath Of Heaven  
Chathams Hugs And Kisses Goodwins Special Tru-Vu Sno Bear Ch Special Velvet Teddy Bear  
Special Mountainside Sno Angel  
Chathams Twist Of Fate Ch Overland Ice Storm  
Chatham Wych Shared Obsession  
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